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. his name was dr. henry jones. the investors were told that dr. jones was already engaged in the kind of international good works they aspired to. he had a relationship with nelson mandela. and they said jones had important connections in the middle east. >> the prince of jordan and the head of jordanian intelligence. >> angelina remembers henry jones dropping in on the conference calls between meetings with very important people. >> let's see if henry is there. >> at some point he tried to reach him. he's a hard fellow to reach arngs wow, he is finally here. >> now you can really talk. say hello, henry. >> hi there. >> just such a busy person talking to the big guys, big players. >> the top ministers for the g-8 countries are meeting in europe. >> but what henry jones was doing with tri energy and how he fit into the coal mining business was a mystery to kim flannagan. >> they're supposed to get back to us before 9:00 a.m. our time with respect to whether or not the price was right. >> jones was apparently brokering a complex international gold transaction. >> some kind of gold trans
of pastor jones to discuss and come to a decision on relocating the mosque. >>> our special guest, imam mohammad mosri. >> rendition is still unchecked. an appeals court tosses the lawsuit that challenges the company that flew its victims. jonathan turley joins me. >>> steven hawking's argument. no god is needed to create a universe. just gravity and quantum theory. our guest, his co-author and david letterman and i play for a possible 2012 presidential candidate. >> it could be another bush. we haven't had enough of them. >> that's his campaign slogan. >> i'll reveal what it is so somebody called jeb up and tell him to watch. all of the news and commentary now on "countdown." >>> good evening from new york. this just in from kerry sanders in florida. we're a little back to square one he now quotes pastor terry jones of the dove church in that state. i'm praying, he tells sanders, to decide what to do next. two days before the ninth anniversary of 9/11, 48 hours before the planned burning of korans by a small florida church and our fifth story on the "countdown" tonight. the koran burni
jones. >> reporter: it a tiny but fervent congregation. the dove world outreach center has 30 con agree gants this sunday, and it is like many -- there is steaming in tongues here. look closely, though. the pastors are armed. and militant. >> it's evil. it's bad. it's against the bible. it's against god. >> reporter: the book, of course, is the koran. the holy book of the world's 1.3 billion muslims, believed by the faithful to be the word of god revealed through his prophet. and pastor terry jones says he will burn it on september 11th. >> we feel that their radical message is necessary. we also want to send a message to the moderate muslim to stay peaceful and moderate. we expect the muslims that are here in america to respect, honor, obey, submit to our constitution. >> reporter: and with that, pastor jones has led his little flock to the brink of a global confrontation and he's drawn harsh criticism from secretary of state hillary clinton tonight. >> i am heartened by the clear condemnation of this disrespectful, disgraceful act. >> reporter: to religious leaders, from the vatican,
. on the radio, you might get a million listeners a year. that goes for alex jones. dan harris went to texas to find out if he believes what he says. >> are you for hitler or against? whatever they say is the opposite. they never tell the truth. >> reporter: to alex jones, the world is very dark place. >> america has been captured. america is being robbed. we are now being looted like a third world nation. well, i'm not going to sit down and shut up. world government means world tyranny, run by control freaks that want to carry out forced reduction. >> reporter: do you believe what you say? >> i believe it. >> reporter: none of it is a show at all? >> no. it's all true. >> reporter: jones is arguably the nation's premiere per yeah vor of what could be called paranoia porn. >> i'm live in 30 seconds. >> reporter: his six day a week radio show and web cast reach an estimated 1 million people a day. >> this federal intrusion is out of control. >> reporter: and on youtube and elsewhere, jones estimates 200 million people have seen his various documentaries. >> we're taking our destiny back. you'
'm chris matthews in washington. leading off, dead deal. pastor terry jones says that he was lied to, that he had a promise by backers of that new york mosque that they would move the site. he said he feels that he was tricked and yes, lied to. after the new york imam said he would not let anyone toy with his religion. the evening's strange turns of truth began two hours ago when past tore jones said he wouldn't burn any korans this saturday because he had a deal with the people backing that mosque two blocks from the new york world trade centers not to build. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> and then imam faisal raurvegs the backer of the new york mosque issued this statement "i am glad that pastor jones has decided not to burn any korans, however, i have not spoken to pastor jones or imam musry. we are not going to toy with our religion or any other, nor are we going to barter." then the imam who stood beside pastor jones confirmed no deal had been reached. we'v
news right now. some extraordinary developments here. i want to go straight to pastor jones. as you know, he's in gainesville, florida. he's at the center of this controversy. he's threatened to burn korans, the holbrook of islam, on saturday on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. we've just learned through a statement that he made quite frankly before cameras and stunned reporters that all of this is changed, that he's cancelled his plans, that he will not go ahead and burn those korans as he's threatened to do, that according to him he received some sort of a sign from god. that sign being the fact that he actually spoke with the imam who has been proposing to build an islamic cultural center and mosque near the site of ground zero, that the two of them have discussed this and that imam says that he'll move the location and the site and so therefore this will not take place. i want you to take a listen. >> we thank you for coming. you will have to bear with us or especially me if during this announcement i get a little bit emotional. this has been, of course, for us a very, very
or won't he burn the koran? we've got an exclusive interview with pastor terry jones, as the controversy reaches a fever pitch. >>> rising from the ashes. after years of delays and controversy, we'll take a top to bottom tour of the ground zero site with the man in charge of the memorial that's taken nine years to construct. is it at long last finally close to being completed? >>> and, final entry. it's the biggest, most revered dictionary on earth. the ultimate authority of a language spoken by $2 billion. is the oxford english dictionary as we know it finished? >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill we're in new york city this is "nightline," september 9th, 2010. >>> good evening, i'm terry moran. breaking news in san bruno, california, in south san francisco, a towering fire is just burning out of control after a large gas main explosion. witnesses on the scene report gas visibly leaving the main and bursting into flames. 35 to 45 homes are affected, as you can see there. and with it move
conservative, democrats religious leaders and military officials in urging jones to cancel the burning of the muslim holy book. terry mcsweeney joins us now with the bay area's reaction. >> local religious leaders are calling on the reverend jones to not desecrate the holy book of islam while some local muslims are feeling like they're caught in the crossfire of this controversy. local faith groups got together in palo alto to call for peace and tolerance. one says she wished the world ignored jones and his congregation of just a few dozen. faith leaders are looking at this as an opportunity. >> i wish it hadn't happened. because it has, we reaffirm who we are. >> it brought back the topic of islamic-phobia and that has muslims feeling nervous. the reverend jones says besides death threats and pressure to call off the book burning he's also gotten a lot of encouragement. >> 6:02. five people recovering from minor injuries after the brakes on a dump truck apparently failed just before it plowed into 13 other vehicles in oakland. the driver told
was canceling the event. pastor terry jones said it's part of an agreement to move a planned islamic cultural center away from ground zero. though the center's imam tonight insisted there is no such deal and he says he's never even spoken to jones. the pastor's decision followed an appeal from president obama and a personal phone call from defense secretary robert gates. all of this as the state department has issued a warning to americans traveling overseas of possible revenge attacks, and even as there were more protests today in muslim nations. there is a lot to report tonight. kelly cobiella begins our coverage in gainesville, florida, kelly. >> reporter: good evening, harry. pastor terry jones has spent the entire day inside his church, then late in the day, came out with this completely unexpected announcement that he was calling off his protest on saturday in exchange for a promise that the controversial islamic center planned near ground zero would be moved. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday, and on saturday i will be flying up t
copies of the koran on the anniversary of september 11 says his plan is now on hold. terry jones originally announced he was cancelling the event, but now says it is conditional on holding talks with the imam in charge of a planned islamic cultural center near ground zero. mr. jones said he had agreed to move the center in return for his cancelling the koran- burning. the imam denies it. mr. jones now says he was lied to. >> the day began with the white house up against a church in florida. the conversation is so small, it can fit on a single bus. pastor terry jones runs what is essentially a fringe movement. his plans to burn the koran earned him a personal warning this morning from the president. >> if he is listening, i hope he understands that what he is proposing to do is completely contrary to our values as americans, that this country has been built on the notions of religious freedom and religious tolerance. >> demonstrations were held in pakistan and afghanistan. protesters even burned an american flag to show how much they oppose koran-burning. just after 1:00 p.m. in w
is off for now. right now terry jones is on a flight to new york city. the florida pastor says he will not go through with the burning if he gets to meet with the organizers behind the proposed islamic center right near ground zero in new york. but it's still not clear if the meeting will ever happen. >> there is a confusion going on. we want to clear that confusion. >> that may have been the idea; but after two press conferences this afternoon featuring pastor terry jones and evangelist dr. k.a. paul there is still much we don't know for sure. is there a meeting? >> imam fees sal has agreed to meet with pastor terry, and pastor asked me to go with him. we're planning on going to new york. >> except the man behind the so- called mosque at ground zero says there is no such meeting planned. as for the deal, jones announced yesterday, saying fees sal had agreed to move the mosque in exchange for canceling koran burning day. fees sal still says that never happened; but this afternoon, jones, speaking through paul, still seemed unsure. >> and we want to ask the media, you to contact hi
. >>> i'm lindsey mastis in washington. terry jones is calling it off. he canceled the plans to burn copies of the quran. >> we have agreed to cancel ourevent on saturday. >> reporter: it was response to the mosque planned to be built near ground zero. >> they have agreed to move the mosque. >> reporter: jones held two news conferences. and the first, he claimed that the mosque would not be built. later, they sent out a statement in new york saying that you would not bargain over the site of the plans for the new york city mosque near ground zero. for >> i was lied to. >> reporter: jones said he will not resume his plan to burn copies of the koran. but jones said that he is still planning to meet with them in new york on 9/11. >> reporter: and so somebody is telling us something that is not true. keep your comments coming. this is a cancellation of it burning. is that a victory for the radicals, perhaps, or what really is going on here? let us know. the address, make sure to include your name and where you are writing us from. >>> from bad to worse, dc adrian fenty
tomorrow. reverend terry jones first said he canceled the eye vent after developers agreed to move the site of a proposed mosque from ground zero. an imam close to the project says it is not a done deal. after having that, jones backtracked his plans to burn the koran. >> we're a little bit back to square one. we're prayerfully considering what we would do. >> the imam who met with jones yesterday met with jones yesterday. >> we are ending our workweek on a clear, cool note. >> it is definitely sweater weather. feels so great out there. >> it does, another glorious day about to commence here shortly. our sunrise is still over two hours away. it's getting hard to get used to the dark mornings. 64 at national airport. it's near 60 in prince george's county. in arlington county near 60 and upper 50s in montgomery and fairfax and cooler farther to our west. low to mid-50s, many rural locations of maryland and virginia. in the mountains, in the 40s, much of western maryland and west virginia mid-40s this morning. as we look at the view from space, we have a few clouds in pennsylvania th
jones met with a muslim leader, said he was canceling the koran burning, and then called the imam a liar. tara mergener is in washington with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: yesterday jones said he would nix his plans after striking a deal to move that controversial islamic community center in new york city, a deal muslim city leaders say never happened. it's still unclear if reverend terry jones will burn copies of the koran on september 11th. >> we're a little back to square one. >> reporter: just a short while after canceling the planned protest thursday, the florida preacher told reporters he's reconsidering his decision. jones insists a florida muslim leader promised him a planned islamic cultural center would be moved away from new york's ground zero, but the iman behind the center claims a deal was never made. >> if this turns out to be true, he clearly, clearly lied to us. >> reporter: muhammad musri who negotiated with jones, says the only agreement was for both men to travel to manhattan on saturday. the goal, meeting with the center's organizers. >> it is a broke
washington, d.c. this morning. >> pastor terri jones says his small florida congregation plans to burn the koran this weekend, although it seems most of the world disagrees. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> sarah palin tweeted her opposition to jones, pat robertson criticized him on tv. >> this is so stupid. >> fbi says retaliation for burning is likely and the state department ordered u.s. embassies to assess their security if jones goes ahead with his plan. >> we want to be judged by who we are as a nation, not by something that is so aberrational and will make that case as strongly as possible. >> the burning is planned to take place on saturday, the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. two blocks from ground zero, there is more antimuslim debate. the cleric behind a proposed mosque tells cnn moving it now would be giving in. >> we would not have done something that will create more deviciveness. our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this. >> back in florida, imam called on jones to change his mind. one more plea so far is in vai
house. it's an awfully long way from humanitarian projects. >> henry jones and the two tri energy executives were indicted on charges of securities, mail, and wire fraud. in their defense, the company executives say they were victims, too, duped by henry jones. one pleaded guilty to a single count of fraud and got nine years in prison. the other was convicted at trial and is serving 12 years while he appeals. while jones, accused of bilking hundreds of investors out of millions of dollars, took the stand and insisted that the gold transaction had, in fact, been real. in court, prosecutors told jurors about the music business jones ran with investors' money. angelina encarnacion who had hoped to do some good in the world, was called to testify. angelina lost her home as a result of her $200,000 investment. >> i have to move on but i still suffer the consequences of that experience. it's a very, very painful experience. >> dr. henry jones, is he acting as the broker in this whole deal? the jury also heard hours of investor conference calls, many recorded by kim flannagan. >> all i h
and by the president of the united states. the planned burning of the koran by pastor terry jones. president obama denounced it as quote, a recruitment bonanza for al-qaeda and in a news conference, jones says he's calling off the burning. we spoke with defense secretary robert gates briefly on the telephone who expressed concern about the plan, but a spokesman said the defense secretary received no assurances from jones. jones also at a news conference claimed he did speak with imam raul, the spiritual leader of the so-called ground zero mosque who jones says now plans to move the project, but an official of park 51 islamic center near ground zero says that claim is not true, that the islamic center is moving ahead as planned, and sponsors say they do not have any plans to meet with pastor jones. nevertheless, an imam who was with the pastor in florida say they plan to fly to new york on saturday for a meeting with the mosque sponsors. here is what pastor jones says. >> the american people do not want the mosque there and of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to
mastis has more on the off and on story. where are we now? >> well, terry jones yesterday agreed to cancel his plans to burn copies of the koran. he says he did so because the imam in new york agreed to move the location of the mosque away from ground zero. but then jones found out that wasn't the case. and imam in central florida reached out to jones after his plans caused international reaction. jones says he took imam's word that the mosque in new york would be moved and that he would meet with the imam in new york on 9/11. there are no plans to move the mosque and the meeting between jones and imam in new york. it is not confirmed. jones is saying he believes he was lied to and he also says that if that meeting does not happen he may resume plans to burn korans in gainesville, florida. andrea? >> lindsey, you have information about another charge that wants to get involved in this debate over the book burning as well? >> that's correct. the west borough baptist church released a statement. they are known for protesting soldiers funerals and are saying if terry jones does not
today. one day before the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, pastor terry jones has suspended his plan to burn copies of the quran. it is unclear why he made that decision or if he is going to change his mind. president obama and military leaders will remember the victims of 9/11 at the pentagon . >> the ceremony will be tomorrow. they have been urging pastor terry jones in florida to cancel this event. there was some relief when word spread of a deal between jones and muslim leaders. jones said the ground zero mosque, the controversy surrounding it, that that mosque would be moved to another location but the imam behind the mosque says no such deal was reachedened that center will stay where it is planned in new york city. now it is very unclear what jones will do next. he says he feels betrayed and duped and that he was lied to. when asked directly on last night's nightline whether the burning would happen, he said "i don't know." he says sometime later today he will make a final decision and an announcement and in the meantime, he is praying that the situation will tournt well.
que otras iglesias han dicho que el siglo habÍan. jones estarÍa en no york esta noche para protestar contra quienes quiere construir una mezquita muy cerca de la zona cero. en h@h@unulh@ de la que fue despedida por los feligreses,h@ultima horahÉsÁ h- esta afectado de la mente con este tema y que estÁ obsesionado. >> esta es la pequeÑa iglesia de jones en la florida. un centro evangÉlico que fue centro de una gran controversia. >> maÑana no habrÁ quema de ejemplares. >> asegurÓ el pastor shows aunque no pudo precisar si ocurriera en el futuro. mÁs temprano su padre, habÍa dicho que la soluciÓn serÍa que los mumanes se dan y onstruyan la mezquita al cambio de que ellos no temer ejemplares del corÁn. se referÍa a la mezquita que quieren construir muy cerca de la zona cero. la iglesia de jones,h@univision como lo que quiere hacer jones, o algo tan bello como todos los que se reunieron en contrate Él. >> la h@actitud de jones noda en un vacio. >> hay una visiÓn para ver al islam como el gran enemigo, este 9/11 confirma para ellos sus conclusiones y esto es lo que estamos r
the minister down there, terry jones. i've interviewed his colleague. never in all the conversations did they link their burning the koran on national television to honor 9/11 with anything to do with the mosque a couple blocks away from 9/11, from the world trade center at ground zero. no discussion as to that would be a negotiating point. i asked the minister, terry jones, is there anyone who could ask you not to do this. he said, no, he's going to go ahead. all the sudden we've come up with a linkage here. maybe courtesy of the right-wing politicians in the count who have done a delightful job of linking the two things neatly for the handy work of terry jones who can now say i'm stopping the burning of the books because i have a commitment now from the imam in new york, whether it's true or not, to stop the construction of the mosque. your thoughts, lawrence and then saec savanna. >> that's an attempt to turn it into a blackmail exchange. take an ugly story and make it uglier. who knows what this guy is really going to do. it has the feeling of watching somebody on top of a building,
leaders. but today florida pastor terry jones insisted he will go ahead with plans to burn copies of the koran on saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. in response, the state department ordered u.s.'m be sis around the world to assess their security and brace for possible protests. general david petraeus, the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, met today with afghan president hamid karzai, both warned that jones' plan could endanger u.s. troops. and the cat van said "this act would only call for new hate and violence." kelly cobiella is in gainesville, florida tonight. kelly, pastor jones is getting lots of criticism from many quarter bus he's claiming a lot of people are actually on his side. >> he does say that, katie. and he says they're simply afraid to speak out publicly so he's determined to send a message for them. with the world watching and condemning him, pastor terry jones stood firm. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> reporter: yet there was one small sign the pastor-- who's never read the koran or visited a mosque-- w
jones. he runs a small evangelical christian church in gainesville, florida, with just 50 members. but jones has single-handedly caused an international uproar with his plan to mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks this saturday by burning copies of the koran, the muslim holy book. today the white house denounced his plan, as did the veterans of foreign wars and an interfaith group. and it touched off an angry anti-american protest in kabul, the afghan capital. general david petraeus, who commands u.s. forces in afghanistan, told the "wall street journal" burning the koran could endanger troops and the overall effort. kelly cobiella is in gainesville tonight. kelly, so far the pastor is refusing to change his plans. >> reporter: he's absolutely sticking with this right now, katie. kerry jones says he's not doing this as a publicity stunt. he says he feels a real religious calling and he refuses to back down. >> sooner or later we're going to have to say no to radical islam. >> reporter: terry jones believes radical islam could take over america and the best way to
young men and women in uniform. >> reporter: secretary of defense robert gates called jones directly and asked him to reconsider. soon after, jones said he had because of another conversation he calls a sign from god. jones as imam ralph had agreed to move the ground zero project. in return? >> we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> reporter: but in an interview for "this week," the imam said the conversation never happened, the center wiffle stay where it's planned. >> how can you equate burning of of any person's scripture with an attempt to build interfaith dialogue? >> reporter: jones now says he's rethinking his decision to cancel when asked could he he still go ahead with the burning. he answered -- >> i really do not know. >> reporter: pastor jones says he will make his final announcement today. he says he is praying the situation turns out well. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >>> two people are dead and a third critically wounded inside this kraft foods facility in philadelphia. police say a suspected worker who had just been escorted from the plant, came b
korff has the story. >> caroline, defense secretary robert gates personally called pastor terry jones to urge him to not go forward with the koran burning protest. the pastor said he will not, maybe. the near deafening worldwide call for pastor terry jones to stop his planned karan burning saturday has been stopped for now. >> we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. >> earlier in the day, the florida pastor agreed to rein in his protest. local muslims we spoke with expressed their relief. >> it is good he changed his mind. >> jones says he stopped the book burning protest in exchange for a deal to move the proposed islamic center and moscow away from ground zero. but the project leader says no such deal has been made and expressed reservations about relocating. >> my major concern in moving ait is that the deadline and the muslim world is is lomb is under attack in america,, -- is that islam is under attack in america. >> tonight, the florida muslim leader who has worked for days to convince pastor jones to call off his protest admitted the only thing that was agreed upon was
are just on hold. terry jones initially canceled the koran-burning event yesterday saying a local imam in florida told him that the proposed new york islamic cultural center near ground zero would be moved. >> he told me three times that the imam in new york said he would move the mosque. i only have this man's word. that supposed only has the imam's word, but that should be good enough. that's good enough for me. >> after those comments, though, the imam denied ever saying a deal had been reached to move the new york center or why an imam in florida would have the power to make that decision. pastor jones then claimed he had been lied to. he said he would now reconsider his decision to call off the koran burning. last night an associate pastor of the florida church confirmed the burning was only postponed. >> it's been circulated and rumored that information that we were given from the imam is incorrect, or falsified. we definitely don't want to believe that's true. as we said, it's not our plan to continue with the burning of the koran, so as of it, right now, it is temporarily suspe
this crazy pastor in florida. pastor terry jones just announced he will cancel his koran burning event. pastor jones said he made the decision because the imam associated with the controversial plan to build the islamic center here in new york near ground zero will move the mosque. >> the american people do not want the mosque there. and, of course, muslims do not want us to burn the koran. the imam has agreed to move the mosque. we have agreed to cancel our event on saturday. and on saturday, i will be flying up there to meet with him. >> all right, all right. time-out. folks, you can't believe a word this guy is saying. he's been shooting from the hip for days now. now, right now, nbc news is reporting that there is no deal with the new york imam to move the cultural center away from where it was proposed here in manhattan. what's infuriating, really infuriating about all of this is that this -- the world basically has been held hostage by this pastor jones, a small-time lunatic zealot. this nut has gotten the attention of the president of the united states, the state department, the
quickly become a back and forth public confrontation between pastor terry jones. jones had proposed burning copies of the koran in protest of the cultural center and mosque near ground zero. on thursday, the issue seemed headed toward a come prom. jones announced he would put plans to burn copies of the holy book on hold and announced he would travel to new york to meet with the imam. but raul said there are no plans to move and no meeting planned with jones. today jones along with a new minister joining his cause, stepped up demands, calling for a meeting and set a deadline. >> as of this time, we have not heard from the imam but we are still very, very hopeful that we will meet with him. >> reporter: pastor jones, the leader of a christian church with fewer than 50 members in gainesville, florida, is at the center of what has now become a worldwide firestorm. in the past 24 hours, local christian leaders in florida showed jones a petition with 8,000 signatures from 97 countries, urging him not to burn the koran. the defense secretary robert gates called jones personally. and in a
is in new york city right now. terry jones had no comment on his visit when he arrived at laguardia airport late last night saying he was "talked out." but the church will not be burning any copies of the koran today. live in gainesville, florida, the home of pastor jones' congregation. and good morning. his son sort of lift the door open for a koran-burning event in the future, didn't he? >> reporter: he certainly did, alex. they came out yesterday, his son did after the evangelical leader here. and what he said is what i can tell you tomorrow is that there will be no koran burning. and when reporters pressed him on this idea of future burnings of the koran, he didn't quite address it at all. he kind of left the door open as you said. wh's happening from here now is there's a waiting game. obviously the reverend is up there in new york city. and there's this talk of yesterday he was going to meet with the imam that was heading up the islamic community center up there. we don't know for sure if that's happening. supposedly one of his representatives, terry jones' representatives said throug
that secretary of defense robert gates late this afternoon phoned pastor jones. then a short time later, pastor jones came out here with all the world's eyes looking at this field in rural florida. they heard the pastor announce that he no longer plans to build a bonfire with more than 200 korans. pastor terry jones says he no longer plans to burn the koran. >> we have been in very much thought and prayer over this whole period. a lot of times we were asked what would it take to call this thing off. we have thought it over many times. >> reporter: the pastor now says burning the koran was directly linked to plans to build an islamic cultural center and mosque in lower manhattan near ground zero. >> if they were willing to either cancel the mosque at the ground zero location or if they were willing to move that location, if they were willing to move it away from that location, we would consider that a sign from god. >> reporter: flanked by an imam from central florida jones claims imam feisal abdul rauf says the two sides should accommodate each other. >> the imam has agreed to move the mosque.
announcing he would not burn the koran to mark tomorrow's anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, pastor terry jones now says he is reconsidering. >> why? the pastor tells abc news that he has been duped and betrayed. emily schmidt joins us from washington with the latest. good morning, emily. >> reporter: good morning to you. the white house has called pastor terry jones' plan for his small congregation to burn the koran, a monumentally terrible idea. and for a while, at least, it seemed that jones was listening. but right now, it is more difficult to predict what this church will ultimately decide to do. it is very unclear this morning if tomorrow, a small florida congregation will burn korans as it has planned to do for weeks. because within a few hours yesterday, the plan went from on to off, to uncertain. >> as of right now, we have just put a temporary hold upon our planned event. >> reporter: already, because of the pastor's plan, there have been anti-american demonstrations abroad. people from the pope to the president have condemned the idea. >> i just want him to understand that this stunt
with afghan president hamid karzai, both warned that jones' plan could endanger u.s. troops. and the cat van said "this act would only call for new hate and violence." kelly cobiella is in gainesville, florida tonight. kelly, pastor jones is getting lots of criticism from many quarter bus he's claiming a lot of people are actually on his side. >> he does say that, katie. and he says they're simply afraid to speak out publicly so he's determined to send a message for them. with the world watching and condemning him, pastor terry jones stood firm. >> we are not convinced that backing down is the right thing. >> reporter: yet there was one small sign the pastor-- who's never read the koran or visited a mosque-- was willing to hear from the other side. he spent 30 minutes with a local imam. >> i think the pastor as a christian will follow in the footsteps of christ and will do the right thing. >> reporter: however, jones has not changed his mind yet spurred on, he says, by the supporters who sent him copies of the koran to burn and a phone call from a man claiming to be a former special forces s
that allen jones, 26, had an overdue credit card bill of $81, its debt collectors went on the attack, with a series of obscene, racist messages left on his phone. >> hi y'all, my name is jamal smith and i'm looking for some watermelons. i'm also interested in a couple of slaves, maybe you can go ahead an pick some of my cotton fields. go ahead, give me a call to lick my [ bleep ]. >> reporter: jones, a clothing salesman in dallas, says the debt collector's calls continued, even after he told them his bank of america account was up to date. >> i double checked. with my bank, online. and to please quit calling my phone. by that time, you know, the representative acted like, oh, we can call you as many times as we want. >> reporter: and the calls continued. each incredibly more obscene and disgusting than the one before it. 10:41 p.m. >> what's up you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. talking about going back to mother [ bleep ] mexico and [ bleep ]. go mother [ bleep ] back to mother [ bleep ] africa or some [ bleep ]. pick up some mother [ bleep ] cottons over there. >> reporter: 10:44 p.m., using
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